Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my story with the mountains is a recent one. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for the last decade, I thank all who have taught me the ropes in the backcountry. My hope is to capture the inspiration and awe of the wild. The dreams and magic that are made of trees and forests and mountain-tops. The beauty that is unseen. 

Through photography,  my goal is to evoke an essence of beauty that exists in the world. An emotion of peace, curiosity, and reflection. Capturing the light in the darkness through my own perspective. 

My preferred photographic style relies in strong lines and anchors; movement in the stillness through long exposure shots. The unique and unusual. The spontaneous.

I aim to spark a search for the inquisitive and accurately portray the moment. The feeling. The experience. The beauty of the wild, the mysterious and the unknown. 

I hope to motivate people to enjoy and protect the outdoors, to find beauty in the world;

Stop and smell the flowers.

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